chemical (52)
Plastic and rubber (39)
Paper and paperboard (14)
Metal (12)
animal and vegetable organic (24)
wood and biomass (24)
inorganic and glass (10)
textiles and leather (13)
Saline, Wastewater and Process Water (3)
Sewage Sludge (1)
Others (17)



Following the previously published posts related to the European SME network, Enterprise European Network (EEN), below some new international opportunities are reported:

Interational business opportunities:

An Israeli SME specializing in the commercialization of chemical products for the treatment of waste and wastewater (municipal waste, papermaking, acid production, pharmaceutical waste treatment, etc.), is looking for distribution service agreements and commercial agencies with foreign manufacturers of similar products (flocculants, coagulants, activated carbon, etc.) to expand product/ services portfolio.

French SME offers secondary raw material recovery (SRM) strategy, to reuse in construction and civil engineering. It offers the characterization of the waste properties; SRM requirements and application in the industrial context.

Finnish company has developed an automated and direct technique of biomass sampling (any type of crushed material) before discharging. The company is looking for a partner, for example, an engineering company with projects regarding the production of energy from fuel.

Joint development opportunities:

Scottish SME specializing in the sector of energy production from food waste is looking for technology partners (industry or research center) developing sensors that can be used in the anaerobic digestion process. The company wish to jointly develop a new anaerobic digestion technology in situ at ultra-mini scale, at the prototype level.

Romanian research center has invented and patented a Zinc recovery treatment method from residual solutions. Industrial partners (engineering and electronics) interested in licensing agreements and technical cooperation agreements are sought.

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