chemical (51)
Plastic and rubber (34)
Paper and paperboard (14)
Metal (12)
animal and vegetable organic (23)
wood and biomass (23)
inorganic and glass (9)
textiles and leather (13)
Saline, Wastewater and Process Water (3)
Sewage Sludge (1)
Others (17)


Business opportunities international exchange

Business opportunities international exchange

Trade agreements in 54 countries

The catalan Chambers of Commerce and the Raw Materials and By-product Exchange Service offer support to SMEs in their search of business opportunities. The Enterprise European network (EEN), is an SME European network to search partners throughout Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, North America and Latin America.

The Enterprise European Network offers a service free of charge to help smes in searching partners in more than 50 countries, inside and outside the European Union. It also offers: consulting services about trading operations in the EU, information related to European news and regulations, contracting opportunities with the European Administration, access to publications and statistical data, access to public and private funding and information about business projects.

The EEN Partnering Opportunity Database is an excellent tool to be known by international companies.

How to benefit from the partnering opportunities database (POD)?
• Sign up to the partnering opportunities database.
• Report your company profile and the countries in which you are interested
• Publish your offers and requests
• Search business opportunities among more than 60.000 company profiles.

Every day new profiles are uploaded to the database, and email alerts are sent to thousands of SMEs.


• Romanian company specialized in high precision metals production is interested in technology for cleaning fluids with metallic Impurities
• German company specialized in used truck components recovery is looking for a long-term commercial agreement for the supply of end of life clutches
• Italian company specialized in aluminium recovery seeks to establish a technology partnership agreement to improve the process efficiency of the aluminium recovery from waste

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