chemical (52)
Plastic and rubber (38)
Paper and paperboard (11)
Metal (12)
animal and vegetable organic (22)
wood and biomass (17)
inorganic and glass (10)
textiles and leather (10)
Saline, Wastewater and Process Water (6)
Sewage Sludge (1)
Others (16)


By-products for agricultural fertilizers production

PRODUCTOS AGRÍCOLAS MACASA, SL is a company dedicated to the manufacture of special fertilizers and products for gardening. Its range of products is very broad and it is in constant innovation.

One of the main activities of the company is the manufacture of granulated organic and organomineral fertilizers.  These products combine, in a complete and balanced way, the following contributions according to the needs of each crop: organic matter, macroelements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium), mesoelements (calcium, sulphur and magnesium) and microelements (iron, boron ...). It is in this production line where most of the by-products object of this article are used. Some examples of waste applied in manufacturing and processed under by-product Catalan regulatory framework, are:

  • sulphates and ammonium phosphates
  • phosphates
  • potassium and magnesium salts
  • dilute sulphuric acids
  • waters that contain any of the above elements
  • organic matters

The use of by-products in the production process of MACASA, SL has implied the following advantages:

  • More sustainable waste management.
  • Reduction of mineral reserves consumption.
  • Reduction of the costs of obtaining raw materials and fertilizers for agriculture.
  • Decrease in the need for synthesis material (nitrogen).
  • The waste producers have a legal and stable solution for their rejections.