chemical (67)
Plastic and rubber (32)
Paper and paperboard (9)
Metal (10)
animal and vegetable organic (21)
wood and biomass (17)
inorganic and glass (9)
textiles and leather (8)
Saline, Wastewater and Process Water (4)
Sewage Sludge (1)
Others (18)



Prestatgeries/Estanteries metàl.liques
material :   Metal - Stainless steel
typology :   Remaining stock
composition:  Fe o Inox [0.00%]
appearance / presentation:  To agree
production :   Per emmagatzemar aliments i productes bàsics
min / max :   0.00 / 0.01 T   (Ton / Year or M3 / Year)
frequency :   Stock unique
delivery / collect:  To agree
location:  Spain / Barcelona / Barcelona
transport:  Given by the interested
hazardous:  no
sandach:  no
Clean / Dirty:  Clean
separated:  separated
reusable:  reusable
waste code (CER):  Waste unspecified
raw material code (CCPA-2002):  Residuo no especificado
expiration:  04/03/2022
Creation:  04/03/2021

Fundación Àurea gestiona 80 projectes socials i aten a 40.000 persones. Necessiten prestatgeries metàl.liques en desús però en bon estat per enmagatzemar aliments i altres productes bàsics en els menjadors i locals socials.

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