chemical (62)
Plastic and rubber (36)
Paper and paperboard (16)
Metal (13)
animal and vegetable organic (24)
wood and biomass (17)
inorganic and glass (11)
textiles and leather (13)
Saline, Wastewater and Process Water (4)
Sewage Sludge (2)
Others (20)



We are updating the review of the event, sorry for the inconveniences!

On the 18th/19th of October we have celebrated in Barcelona the international conference on Landfill Mining with a great success of public and relevant experiences presented. In light of the development of the new concept of Enhanced Landfill Mining ELFM (further information available here), the conference addressed a variety of relevant topics related to the main theme. It also included specific questions about what are the main aspects to consider in landfill mining assessment and the importance of a landfill mining market. Among the many issues raised, the role of Government in addressing a successful landfill mining project had an important role. A document with the conference conclusions is now available here

Speakers' profiles and presentations:

Pere Casals - Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Manresa
Josep Maria Tost - Catalan Waste Agency Director
Maria Calaf– ENT. Presentation
Yves Tielemans– Working Group Leader EURELCO/ Business Unit Manager Group Machiels.  Presentation1/2
Eddy Wille– Senior Advisor at OVAM. Presentation
Lorena Jurado­­­- Wasteresource service director
Reinhard Goeschl– CEO at the IuT Group Austria. Presentation
Roberto Raga– University of Padova Presentation
Ángel-Martínez– Senior Engineer Landfill Department Ferrovial Servicios Presentation
Josep Simó- Municipal Waste Area in Waste Agency of Catalonia
Francesc Giró– Director of strategy planning at the Waste Agency of Catalunya Presentation
Veronika Andrea– Head of Environmental Communication HELECTOR Presentation
Marco de la Feld– Smart Ground Project Leader Presentation
Kris Broos– Sustainable materials expert at VITO Presentation
Florian Scheibe– Chief Operations Officer at FCC Environment Austria Presentation
Elisabet González - Innovation Responsable at Ferrovial Servicios Presentation
Floriana La Marca- EIT Raw material Presentation
Martí Madorell - Waste Agency of Catalonia Presentation
Toni Jiménez - CC Solsones Presentation
Miguel Turmo- Gruas Construction Presentation
Francesc Rosell- Bianna Presentation
Jordi Fargas- UTE Solsones Presentation
Montse Garcia- Ecogest Presentation
Raquel Barrena- UAB Autonomous University of Barcelona Presentation


Days:18/10/2017 - 19/10/2017
Time:09:00 hs. a 17:00 hs.
Location:Palau Robert - Barcelona

The objective of the Landfill Mining Conference 2017 is to present and expand knowledge about landfill mining as a technique to support and encourage the transition towards a circular economy model, reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal, and fostering at the same time the material and energy recovery from waste. The focus is on old urban and industrial landfills. It is intended to make attendants know about some international and local experiences of landfill mining and the performance achieved. Programa

Conference Topics:

  • Policy for landfill mining
  • Mapping and assessment of landfilled resources.
  • Safety, material stability, risks, costs
  • Space reclamation: for increased service life of existing landfills or other land uses.
  • Material recovery, costs and value.
  • RDF and energy recovery
  • Fines and critical raw materials, including rare earth metals.
  • Organic matter reduction and environmental impact: methane emissions, material stability.

Addressed to:

  • Policy makers
  • Municipalities technicians
  • Waste management companies
  • Recycling and sorting technology companies
  • Landfill managers
  • Consulting Companies

This activity takes place during 2 days:

  1. Wednesday, October 18th, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.: conference in Barcelona (Palau Robert, Passeig de Gràcia, 107 08008 Barcelona)
  2. Thursday, October 19th, from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., a guided tour to Clariana de Cardener's controlled landfill site. Important: limited places, confirmation required with the event organizers.

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